MANOR 12 ResidenciesDebrecen

2026 Q4

Located on the corner of Komlóssy Street, next to the University Square, in a prime location, strategically central, right next to the Kossuth Lajos University of Sciences, our brand new investment MANOR 12 Residencies is an exclusive residential community with a total of 12 luxury, multi-generational residences. This elegant and modern-style residential complex represents comfort and enduring premium quality in every detail, creating a demand for exclusive homes.


Rezidencia 1 - 157,58 m2
Rezidencia 2 - 162,07 m2
Rezidencia 3 - 156,07 m2
Rezidencia 4 - 157,58 m2
Rezidencia 5 - 162,07 m2
Rezidencia 6 - 156,07 m2
Rezidencia 7 - 157,58 m2
Rezidencia 8 - 162,07 m2
Rezidencia 9 - 156,07 m2
Rezidencia 10 - 157,58 m2
Rezidencia 11 - 162,07 m2
Rezidencia 12 - 156,07 m2

Quality and Comfort

MANOR 12 Residencies are designed and built with a focus on the use of the latest technologies and the highest quality materials. In addition to elegant and modern style, the layout and functionality of the properties are designed to provide optimal comfort and functionality for the residents in each residence.

MANOR 12 design terv 1

MANOR 12 design terv 2

Location and Surroundings

The layout and functionality of the buildings are designed to provide optimum comfort for the occupants, while the property is located in a prime location of high prestige, within easy reach of the city centre and major services. The proximity and attraction of the University is a huge asset in itself, allowing the new owners of the Residencia to enjoy the exclusive and recently renewed surroundings of the Great Forest and the Stadium, with their high level of services within walking distance. The infrastructure of the area is outstanding, with easy access to trams, buses and other public transport, allowing you to explore the city of Debrecen and simplify your transport.

Environment and Parking

The area around MANOR 12 Residencies is surrounded by beautiful parks that make the surroundings even more attractive, and carefully designed parking facilities are available for the convenience of residents. This combination of an environmentally friendly approach and convenient parking options provides a unique experience for residents.

MANOR 12 design plan 3

Purpose, future, vocation

MANOR 12 Residencies aims to set a new benchmark in exclusive residential real estate in Debrecen and to offer a unique experience to its residents through its location. This project strives to offer a combination of elegant, comfortable and modern apartments that will delight its residents and provide them with a high quality of life. Be part of a community where luxury and comfort meet in one of the best parts of Debrecen!


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