iProperty AG is a Swiss-based real estate development company with decades of experience in real estate development. We offer a full range of services in all aspects of property development, including independent property development, investment and facility management. Our projects include tens of thousands of square metres of office, residential and retail space, all of which are of high quality and combine modern technologies.

Creativity and Quality

iProperty AG is committed to original ideas and outstanding professionalism. The buildings we create not only combine the latest technologies, but also represent high quality and aesthetics. All our projects are built using premium quality materials, ensuring the longevity and attractiveness of the buildings. iProperty AG aims to create properties that are not only functional, but also inspiring and provide a comfortable environment for those who work or live there.

Mission and Values

The mission of iProperty AG is to meet the highest customer demands by creating buildings that are not only of high quality, but also located in a lovable environment and in a prime location. The company stands for authentic content and value-creating work, which is achieved through a close relationship between the building industry and the arts. iProperty AG is proud of the value we create for the community and the construction industry through our investments, and we have become a major player in the real estate development industry.

Impact and Development

The projects and values realised by iProperty AG have a significant impact not only on the Hungarian construction industry, but also on the entire region and the real estate market. The new approaches and quality standards we bring to the table help the construction industry to continuously evolve and innovate, while setting inspiring examples in real estate development. iProperty AG's buildings and projects are setting trends that will have a long-term impact on the urban environment and communities.

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